Sunday, May 24, 2015

Spring is here! #SubwaySeries

I'm slightly annoyed that I haven't had a chance to post lately but there are so many reasons why.  I decided that I would spare you the details though and get on with the next Subway Series!  There are a couple shots in here that come with stories and I am so excited to tell them.

These shoes though :O!  I was so excited when I found them at Aldo and got them for a pretty good price.  I was actually looking for a simple black flat that I can wear with everything because it's an empty spot in my wardrobe that I didn't even notice that I had.  I just started wearing another pair of simple black and tan flats from Aldo that I bought last season, but I was wearing them so much that they started getting too worn.  These are just ridiculously cute and very regal if I do say so myself.


This picture is kind of more about my pants I guess, but I had to include it.  I hated the color of my pedicure and I was completely casually relaxing on my train ride home.  I guess I just felt inclined to capture the moment.  I'm wearing these simple brown sandals from last season that I just cannot get enough of, I don't know why.  Where can I get a pair of these that is a little more upgraded?  Does anyone know?  Also, I'd want them in black.  Share some ideas!

On the left I have a shot of these Steve Madden loafers I have had for like three seasons.  I am not crazy about them and the only reason I wore them was because I told a coworker about them and she wanted to see them.  They are so uncomfortable and now that I think about it and look at them more, they're ugly lol.  Ugh.  On the right, a more exciting shot.  It was my best friends birthday!  I was commuting over to her from work instead of going home and I had all these gifts for her: Crumbs, flowers, a bracelet and some Veuve. Could a birthday really be any better?  I don't think so. The shoes I'm wearing are from Charlotte Russe and they are so 'Burberry.'  Love them so much. 

This is a special shot from a weekend at the farmers market.  It was actually Mother's Day weekend and I was in full mode of spoiling my dad!  He's the best mother and father I have ever had.  I'm wearing acid wash jeans and just some basic Old Navy flip flops.  Not sure where dads sneakers are from (haha).  My awesome coconut smoothie from Shore Shake was a nice surprise for the weekend.

Here's another shot where I'm wearing these sandals.  I told you I was obsessed.  There was standing room only on this train so I was in the vestibule and I was perfectly okay with that.  On the Nook: Clinton Cash.  I read it in one day, it was incredibly insightful.  I would recommend it to anyone.  I was slightly obsessed with this springy outfit for the day as well.  I was so happy because it was full of color.  I'm looking for a new bag as well.  The one here is from Forever 21 but I am so over it.

I hope you enjoyed the second installment of Subway Series.  This deviated from the norm of my Subway Series, but that's okay.  Tweet me a picture of your recent footwear!  Thanks for reading as always! -Brit.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Subway Shoe Snaps #SubwaySeries

I figured I would do my own 'Subway Series' of sorts.  I know, I'm just so hilarious.  For the past couple of weeks there have been some shoes in particular that I have been absolutely obsessed with.  I always seem to snap some shots when I am standing on the train waiting for the doors to close.  Being that I spend so much time on the train, I figured I would share some of these with you!  Check it out.

This first pair is from Nine West.  The heel is so comfortable and super easy to walk around NYC with.  I love the idea of wearing commuter shoes and then changing when I walk into the office, but when I can wear heels straight to the office without changing, it's even better!  My black slacks are from Old Navy and my jacket is from H&M.

These are actually also from Nine West and heels as well! Yet another pair from the brand that I absolutely love and can walk around the city in.  They are super comfortable with a really cute spring floral pattern on them.  My pants are cuffed rockstar skinnies from Old Navy that are so comfortable as well.  I am wearing the same jacket as above, my purse is from Forever 21 and the dust bag inside of my purse is actually Rebecca Minkoff and it's holding my laptop that I needed to bring in that day!

These are super adorable 'Keds-style' shoes that I got from Charlotte Russe.  I remember picking these up and thinking how cute they were and how fun they were going to be to style.  Of course it goes without saying that these are really easy to walk around the city in, I cannot complain at all!  The pants are navy blue slacks from Old Navy that I absolutely love and are so comfortable, the same pair as the first place pants.  The jacket is once again the same from H&M.   

Here is a quick shot while waiting to head home.  These shoes are a quilted pattern and finish that I got from Charlotte Russe alongside the above pair.  It was a chillier day so I was wearing a scarf from H&M, the pants are rockstar pixies from Old Navy and the same jacket is from H&M.  These polka dot pants always just make me so happy.  

I hope you've enjoyed the first installment of my #SubwaySeries, Subway Shoe Snaps!  Tweet me wha you have been wearing as Spring begins to grace us with its presence.  Thanks for reading as always!  Talk to you soon.  -Brit.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Warby Parker At Home Try On!

I am SO excited to be writing this post right now!  I have been wanting to try Warby Parker for the longest time and I have finally done it.  There is going to be a follow up post about the process after I've chosen the pair that I like the best but this is just informational about the first couple of steps in the process.

After going to the website and entering my information, I was asked for my credit card info.  I was charged $1 just for authorization and probably just for Warby Parkers assurance. I didn't mind it at all because everything was so incredibly seamless.  After doing so, I was able to select any of the frames that are on the website at any price.  I selected five I liked the best and they sent them my way for free! I heard of this service a long time ago and I'm so excited to finally do it.

Here's a preview of what the inside of the box looked like:   

I can't wait to further share my choices with you!  Stay tuned. -Brit.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Terrarium Time!

As you all know, there's no shortage of love in my body for succulents and terrariums.  I had been planning to make another one for some time now but time just hasn't allowed.  I finally had the chance to go shopping for all of the materials to make one and the first place I went might actually surprise you.  

Marshalls is actually one of the best places to get a container when you plan to make a terrarium.  They have a ton of different options at outrageously great prices.  I have a friend who also likes to make terrariums and she normally goes for a nontraditional look with hers and she found a skull container and other assorted shapes and sizes.  You would be shocked to see what you can find so definitely check it out!

Right now Lowes has an absolutely amazing selection of succulents and cacti.  I couldn't have been happier when I walked into the greenhouse and saw so many selections.  When you're looking at the options, don't forget to pick up some soil that is specifically for cacti, it should be right next to where you'll see all of your options for succulents and cacti.  They will try to entice you with sand and pebbles and stones and all this other stuff but do not fall victim! 

I have to admit this is probably the terrarium that I have made that I most proud of because it is absolutely stunning.  I didn't even realize that when I was selecting some of the plants to include, they were matching!  I had just been picking out some of the ones that I loved the most but I didn't realize that they all had a purple motif.  So, if matching is something that you enjoy, try and design your terrarium that way!

First I put a layer of soil in the bottom of the open bowl.  After that, I decided to plant the largest plant and then situate some of the rocks on the side.  I don't know why, but when I was planning to build this terrarium, I had in mind to include some rocks.  I specifically wanted to have them included in the design.  So if you're not sure what you want to include or you don't know where to start with your terrarium, planning it out a little bit beforehand is a great place to start.

After the largest plant was included, I started placing everything else around it and designing everything as I went along.  If you're not a planner or a control freak when it comes to DIYs, this is the best way to go.  I really think it comes out best when you just go with the flow.  Here is the final photo!

I hope that you absolutely love this as much as I do! Let me know your process on how you decorate your terrariums.  Have you ever made one before?  Send me a tweet and let me know where you get your succulents from as well!  Thanks for reading as always.  -Brit.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Why You Shouldnt Be Afraid To Be Unapologetically Yourself

I have, for some reason, been doing a lot of thinking about this topic.  I normally don't practice 'speaking out' about things like this because I do believe that it's up to you what you think about such topics.  BUT!  There are a couple of reasons why I believe that you really shouldn't be afraid to be unapologetically yourself. 

First Things First

There will be a lot of people who are going to try and bring you down no matter who you are.  In regards to your style, what you eat, how you approach certain things, etc.  There's a lot to be said for someone who has the balls to come up to you and tell you that the way you are doing something isn't the right thing.  Everyone has differences for a reason.  Just take a minute and think about what the world would resemble if we were all the same person.  

When you're young, you have no choice but to follow in the footsteps of your parents.  You look to them for guidance (which wont change even when you become older) and you always listen to what they have to say.  With that being said, when you start getting older, it's your time to start learning, growing and listening to yourself.  This is the time where you really start becoming someone who you are going to be proud of, and THIS is a powerful thing.  I have always been the one to say that in the end, you are only going to have yourself, and growing up to become the person that you are proud of is the first step in this process.  Ultimately, making yourself happy is the first step in being able to make everyone else in your life happy.  

Don't Be Afraid of Acceptance

People will have more respect for you if you are unapologetically yourself, than if you give in to everyone else's demands.  You are a stronger person this way.  As an individual, it's important to value respect from other people humbly, it will just make you feel like such a better person in the wrong one.  

Still Remain Respectful

If you feel like people don't understand you or you feel like they're not respecting you and your choices (big or small), you have to just kill 'em with kindness.  My father always told me that and it's really very important.  I think thats partially why I always try to stay so positive and succeed at it.  If you make a conscious effort to kill 'em all with kindness, you'll start to realize how kind and happy you can really be.

You'll Establish a Sense of Confidence

If someone doesn't like the shirt you chose to wear for an event, but you LOVE it and feel good in it:  WEAR IT, don't listen to outside influences because you're afraid of making someone else happy. By making these decisions (the small ones at first), it will give you a sense of confidence that you never knew you had to make decisions like this all the time.

How do you make sure that you're unapologetically yourself?  Share your methods with me in the comments or on Twitter.  Thank you for reading as always.  -Brit.